Pregnancy Guide for Dad’s To Be.

Helping During Labor.

As we all know 90% of the dad to be are present in the labor room with there partner’s. So here’s a tip there is a lot you can do during labor and delivery, to help your partner.

  1. Help distract your partner during first stage of labor. Talk about your day, watch a movie together whatever she likes to do just divert her attention.
  2. Unless off course she has been advised to strictly stay on bed go for a walk in the hospital.
  3. Time her contractions.
  4. Offer to massage her back and shoulder between contractions.
  5. Help her relax with the techniques you learnt at your childbirth classes.
  6. Encourage her during the pushing stage.

The point is to be there for her if she needs you, regardless of whether she is pinching , punching or just squeezing your hands or using words that arnt quite polite 😀

Post delivery.

Often, this is the best part and the moment when father’s and partner’s can finally engage with their little one. At this stage you can be actively involved. If your partner is breastfeeding, you can offer her valuable moral support- its not always easy the first time around. Or if you are using formula, you can take turns in feeding the baby.

Help monitor visitors, if she is tired and needs rest avoid visitors around that time of the day. Ask the visitors to sanitize or wash there hand’s before touching the baby. Make her feel special.


Educate yourself about childbirth.

Find the fastest and safest way to the hospital.

Install a car seat.

Keep a copy of all medical documents handy.

Pack your bags in advance.

Manage communication with your health care provider.


Pregnancy Guide for Dad’s.

How to take part.

Here are some ways to be involved in the pregnancy right from the start:

  1. Offer to run around and help with buying the pregnancy kit.
  2. Attend prenatal visits.
  3. Talk to your Partner to seek more information about the pregnancy.
  4. Get to know your baby.
  5. Take prenatal classes together.
  6. Support your partner in a healthy lifestyle.

First Trimester is generally quite challenging help her get through it.

Though your partner looks exactly the same as before and her tummy isn’t showing (Some information for you Husband’s – Shows only after 12 weeks generally) she might seem completely insane.

  1. Vomiting at the sight of food or smell of food.
  2. Cries for no god damn reason.
  3. Want’s you around all the time. WARNING Do not touch her.
  4. Needs her favorite food at the middle of the night yes 3am.
  5. Mood swing’s.

To help ease the way for your partner (and YOURSELF 😀 ) consider these tips:

Minimize morning sickness.

Help fix her small frequent meals, provide lots of liquids, and please avoid food and smell that makes her sick.

Help Combat fatigue.

Help her get as much rest as she can.

Ride out the mood swings.

Offer plenty of support as she maybe fuming one second and crying the next she herself doesn’t know whats actually happening.

Remember it will pass.

Gaining Weight During Pregnancy.

So pregnancy is the only time in your life when you can gain as much weight and absolutely not worry about it ? NO. While it may seem appealing, it isn’t really a wise thing to do. Yes, gaining weight is a must during pregnancy, but how much is the right kind of weight for you and your baby? Also if you don’t gain that excess weight, its easier to loose the extra pound after your baby is born.

What’s healthy?

There isn’t any one size fits all concept. Healthy weight gain depends on a variety of factors, including your pre-pregnancy weight and body mass index (BMI). 

Things to pay attention :


Although excess weight carries risks- such as gestational diabetes and high blood pressure – pregnancy isn’t the time to lose weight. Even if you’re overweight before pregnancy, its important to gain a healthy amount of weight during pregnancy.


For women who are underweight, its essential that they gain a reasonable amount of weight during their pregnancies- especially during the second & third trimesters. Without the extra weight, your baby may be born earlier or smaller than expected. This increases the risk of complications.

Points to keep in mind when gaining weight:

Slow and steady weight gain.

Staying Active.


Pregnancy Exercises.

Childbirth is a wonderful experience, but the hours leading uptown delivery can be a real work-out. Your muscles and joints are moving and changing in all sorts of ways to make it possible for that beautiful baby to enter the world.

You can make childbirth less demanding by preparing you body for what’s to come. During pregnancy, certain excessive help limber up those joints and muscles you’ll rely on during labor and delivery. Certain exercises can also help relieve the aches and pains that often accompany pregnancy, such as back pain or leg cramps.

We have a lots of Antenatal Classes in India which will help you prepare for labour, birth and early Parenthood.

Healthy Pregnancy Choices – PREGNANCY DIET!

During your pregnancy, you’ll be eating for two (you & your baby). But don’t think of this as eating twice as much. Instead, think of it as eating twice as well.


Eating at least three smaller meals a day and making sure you snack on healthy foods is a good way to eat well and get the nutrients you need.


Seafood high in mercury.

Raw, under cooked or contaminated seafood.

Undercooked meat, poultry and eggs.

Processed meats.

Unpasteurized foods.

Unwashed produce.

Large quantities of Liver.


Eat at least 4 daily servings’ 0f calcium-rich foods.

Add more energy-rich foods to your diet.

Seek advice on supplements.


Folate and folic acid.




Vitamin D.